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San Francisco Cable Cars and Lombard Street

Visit August 2001

Pictures with Canon PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH

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Hyde and Lombard Cable Cars Passing This is a digital composite of two photos from the same location. We were almost to the top of the hill, at Hyde and Lombard, before going down the famous curvy street, after waiting in bumper to bumper traffic going up the steep hill.

I highly recommend the Cable Car Gripman's simulator (Shockwave required), and a visit to the Cable Car Museum.

Going Down Lombard Street Here is the view going down Lombard Street. The small signs along the road say "Keep off Walls and Roadway." Presumably these signs are directed at pedestrians (although we wouldn't want cars on the walls, either).

Cable Car Turntable at Fisherman's Wharf The cable cars are still turned around by people power.

French Connection UK Sign on Cable Car At one time there was a big controversy over the big French Connection UK sign on the wall of a building in San Francisco. The sign says "san francisco's first fcuk." Now they're all over town on the cable cars.

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