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Test Page with text clock pl or cgi (Older, original version with slight y2k problem)
Test Page with text clock pl or cgi (Newer version, corrected for y2k)

Direct Approach 1, Direct 2  (Older, original version with slight y2k problem)
Direct Approach 1, Direct 2  (Newer version, corrected for y2k)

Notes: ispchannel's web authoring help [link bad 5/30/01 to] was somewhat useful for debugging the above , but webcom's SSI help was shorter and more to the point.

and remember to always use slashes.

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After a long munching noise he said: "Ee-ers o i a-ors." And when Pooh and Piglet said "What?" he said "Skoos ee," and went outside for a moment. When he came back he said firmly: "Tiggers don't like haycorns." "But you said they liked everything except honey," said Pooh. "Everything except honey _and_ haycorns," explained Tigger.
~ -- Tigger tries haycorns _The House at Pooh Corner_, p. 24 ~
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