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San Francisco

A Visit February 2000

Walk Near Golden Gate Bridge

Biking signs

Bike Route

East Sidewalk
Open 8am to 9pm
Bicyclists Not Allowed On
Weekends And Holidays

Roller Skates And
Motor Driven Cycles
On Bridge Sidewalks


Art along the exercise path (click to zoom in)

Dog Signs (click to zoom in)

Dog Refuse
Please Pick-Up
After Your Dog

Keep Your Park Clean
Recycle Plastic Bags
For Dog Litter Removal

The Bridge

Get Free. Get LibreOffice.
Distributed Computing

Quote of the moment
That the leading agency of such a man [Alexander Hamilton], and from a State in the position of New York, should, in a project for severing the Union, be anxiously wished for by its authors, is not to be doubted; and an experimental invitation of him to attend a select meeting may, without difficulty, be supposed. But obvious considerations oppose a belief that such an invitation would be accepted; and, if accepted, the supposition would remain, that his intention might be to dissuade his party and personal friends from a conspiracy as rash, as wicked, and as ruinous to the party itself as to the country.
~ Letter to J. Q. Adams, Feby 24, 1829, (James Madison, 1865, IV, pages 31-32) ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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BugMeNot.com - Tell everyone you know. Because Common sense isn't.

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