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San Francisco

A Visit February 2000

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Quote of the moment
Chapter 6 : steal no land and eat from your own field

01  Do not move the markers on the borders of fields.
02  Nor shift the position of the measuring-cord.
03  Do not be greedy for a cubit of land.
04  Nor encroach on the boundaries of a widow.
05  The trodden furrow worn down by time,
06  he who disguises it in the fields,
07  when he has snared (it) by false oaths,
08  he will be caught by the might of the Moon.

09  Recognize him who does this on earth!
10  He is an oppressor of the weak,
11  a foe working to destroy your body.
12  The taking of life is in his eye,
13  his house is an enemy to the town,
14  his barns wiIl be destroyed,
15  his wealth wiIl be seized from his children's hands, (and)
16  his possessions wiIl be given to another.

17  Beware of destroying the borders of fields,
18  lest a terror carry You away.
19  One pleases god with the might of the Lord,
20  when one discerns the borders of fields.

21  Desire your being to be sound.
22  Beware of the Lord of All!
23  Do not erase another's furrow,
24  it profits You to keep it sound.
25  Plow your fields and You will find what You need,
26  You will receive bread from your own threshing-floor.

27  Better is a bushel given You by the god,
28  than five thousand through wrongdoing.
29  They stay not a day in bin and barn,
30  they make no food for the beer jar.
31  A moment is their stay in the granary,
32  comes morning, (and) they have vanished.

33  Better is poverty in the hand of the god,
34  than wealth in the storehouse.
35  Better is bread with a happy heart,
36  than wealth with vexation.
~ The Instruction of Amenemope, Akhim, Egypt, ~1100 BC ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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BugMeNot.com - Tell everyone you know. Because Common sense isn't.

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