Welcome To Your Personal Webpage!

Welcome to ISP Channel, your new home on the Internet!
On this introductory page, you will find all you need to get your Internet experience off on the right foot, and to set up your web page quickly, easily, and above all, have fun doing it!
Here are some links that we think you'll find very informative, helpful, and useful in constructing your Webpage, as well as a few that you can use to answer any minor questions you might have.
Remember, we have a helpful and courteous Tech Support crew available to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call one of the following numbers to reach them:
  • Mediacity Customers: 650-237-1460
  • ISP Channel Customers: 1-888-843-1700
What Are The Files In My WWW Folder?
If you look in your WWW directory, you will see that there are a few files already there. They should be:
That is the file you are reading now.
That is the graphic in the upper right corner of this page.
How Do I Upload Files to my WWW Folder?
First, get or open your favorite FTP client software, and use it to log in to home.ispchannel.com. If you don't have an FTP client, you can find several helpful links on our Tech Support Page. By logging in as yourself, you can directly access your WWW directory. Once you're there, simply upload the files, and you're ready. Make sure you've set the proper permissions! (We will very shortly have a page on generic Unix Commands for help on this.)