Welcome to My Home Page at UTK!

I've been wondering what to put on my home page for a while, but I haven't found the time to develop the "perfect" page.  I felt I needed to be able to answer the question, "What is the purpose of this home page?" before I could put one together.  I wanted a page that wouldn't make Philip Greenspun scorn.  As he says, a site that won't be featured in suck.com.

Well, as luck would have it, practical, utilitarian reasons intervened, and I was prodded into action before the deliberations were complete.  So, this is only a start, and as they all say, this site is continually under construction.

What is the purpose of this home page?  I wanted to show some friends and relatives a few pictures from Washington state.  It was my first time snowmobiling - what a blast!  I didn't get double prints.  They don't live close by.  What to do?  I have a scanner.  I have a CS account.  Now I have a home page with pictures from Washington...

4/1/99 - April Fool's!

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