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Welcome to your place on the World Wide Web -- @Home WebSpace. It's yours to do what you want. That is if you are able to access it in the first place. We offer a unique webserver that chooses when it will function and when it will offer downloads at the blazing fast speed of 0.1k/sec. Wow, huh? We also offer e-mail that with unlimited aliases all of which will work some of the time. Pretty good for just $39.95 per month! Tell the world about what you're interested in, show photos from your latest family vacation that take three hours to load, post your resume, or just learn more about why good Webspace servers are hard to find by "doing."

For additional help getting things up and running, check out the WebSpace online support in @Home Member Services. Don't bother calling for help unless you have an hour or two to kill while waiting for our incredibly knowledgable staff to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your service.

Have fun!

-- The @Home WebSpace Team (& KingBLAH!)




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