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At Home Uptime Record

Ars Digita Uptime (previously uptime.arsdigita.com) is now dead, but as of September 8, 2001, monitoring of my at-home site began again with OpenACS.org. The at-home record is here. We were switched to comcast, and since March 2, 2002, a default site on comcast has been monitored, and its record is here.

This report (below) used to reside at Arsdigita (now available here at archive.org). On June 7, 2001 we received an email from Arsdigita announcing the demise of the Uptime free monitoring service. Unbelievably, they only gave 24-hours notice! I suppose we got what we paid for, but such short notice is not very neighborly. Maybe it has something to do with the legal troubles (previous version, archived) between the Venture Capitalists and the founder of the company, Philip Greenspun, who also founded the Uptime service?

About as suddenly as they announced the demise, they quietly restored the service for a while. Then some time later, they as quietly announced the death of the service at the web site. It took me a while to notice the change and sign up with OpenACS.


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Announcement of the imminent demise of the uptime monitoring service was sent out 24-hours in advance on 6/7/01. The data below was as of that date, and has not been updated since. A slightly more recent snapshot was once available here on archive.org.
Monitored since January 12, 2001.


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