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Common sense isn't.

TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant

Do they slant the truth, or even lie, about wind power being environmentally friendly?

Purpose of this site:

Even non-fueled power plants like wind power plants have disadvantages. Among them is, as implemented by TVA, the sacrifice of a remote mountain top recreational area for installation of a power plant. While the Green Choice proponents like to say they are "reclaiming" an old strip mine, the fact is they are simply using the land again in much the same way. Some would say the wind power plant is as unsightly as strip mining, possibly more long lasting, and more visible from longer distances.

All energy sources involve risks and disadvantages that we accept. Even the wind power proponents sometimes agree that "The same standards should be applied to wind energy: nothing more, nothing less." ( Paul Gipe, Wind Energy Comes of Age, p. 363)

In this region, a basic question is: Which is a better investment of our money? Spending $4 extra per 150 kwh to support "Green Choice" power, or spending the extra money to reduce coal plant emissions? Along this line, another question is how competitive is the rate we are offered? Here was a site that offered wind power for less than $3 per 150 kwh block (2/100 = 3/150). Are we being asked to volunteer to be gouged?

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Common sense isn't.

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