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Neighborhood Windmill Web Cam

Neighborhood Cam

 Neighborhood Windmill Cam

After a few years in the wind and sun, the Prism Kites windmill was retired at the end of 2004. As shown at right, the blades were faded and shredded, in contrast with the clean and colorful original shown in the photos at left and below left.

The Windmill (window) web cam was also retired in late summer 2003. A couple old photos are below.

Featuring a Prism Kites windmill (Spinning images are not "live.")

Neighborhood Cam

This page did not automatically reload, so hitting Reload was required to update the image. A new image was usually uploaded every 10-12 minutes or so. It's usually a pretty quiet neighborhood. Between ms windoz, the webcam software and cable modem, the camera regularly went "off-line" for hours at a time. So, the picture was often old or blank. As seen at above right, the last photo was uploaded in August 2003. The previous version of this page is here.

Here is a page with images from several web cams.

Thanks to Conquercam by Peter Theill. theill.com
(at archive.org)

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