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Common sense isn't.

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Thanks to Highland Media

Highland Media When I went looking for an easy way to put random quotes into my web pages, here is the web page I found (Now at Archive.org). I liked Server-Side Includes and perl, which is why I chose this script. Highland Media is still no longer around, but they no longer support the script or make it available for download.

(With permission) I am making the script available here.
Here is the distribution Download in zip format: quote.zip
And here is the Additional Quote File with Dhamapada quotes (teachings of the Buddha): dhamapd.zip
There are also some more small quote files in text format still available from the page at Archive.org. That page also explains the script operation.

Here is a quote test page that shows several quotes at once.

Disclaimer: I do not provide any formal support for the script. I may be able to give some informal help as time permits. By downloading you agree to hold me, Highland Media, the author or any agent of Highland Media harmless of any damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of this or any free script.

Get Free. Get LibreOffice.
Distributed Computing

Quote of the moment
Till old experience do attain To something like prophetic strain.
~ John Milton, Il Penseroso. Line 173. ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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Common sense isn't.

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