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Ford Taurus
A Most Average Car

(With a Special Touch)

Edmunds history (now at archive, 2003) says it was the "Best Selling Car in America" for a while, and started out "with a smooth, jellybean-like body."


It was:

Number 7 (close to average) on the Edmunds 2002 Top Ten Sales List (now at archive, 2003)

Number 6 on the Edmunds 2001 Top Ten Sales List (now at archive, 2002)

Number 6 on the Edmunds 2000 Top Ten Sales List (now at archive, 2001)

"It wasn't so long ago that the Taurus toted the "Best Selling Car in America" title (captured by the Camry in 2000). Ford hopes that a 2000 redesign will reawaken buyers' enthusiasm for the Taurus (although the car's hold on the rental car market has always been secure)."

Side Even in 2002 ratings (now at archive, 2002), acceleration is fair, fuel economy is ok, ride quality is good, handling is good, noise is "low enough,"... solid scores of 4-8 (of 10) across the board.  Total score of 57-60, depending on model, versus All Midsize Cars' average of 57. Basically, it's in the middle of the pack of the Midsize's...

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Maybe The SHOtimes FAQ (now at archive, 2003) should also be mentioned.

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Common sense isn't.

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