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Common sense isn't.

This page (and site) is NOT in any way affiliated with a large organization whose members are often seen wearing green and are sometimes seen selling trademarked cookies. Their name and their tightly controlled products will no longer be mentioned here.

From this page I will not take anything from anybody except electronic communications. I will take your money if you want to send it to me, but I'm not registered as anything for anybody, so it will be at your own risk, and for no particular purpose. Although we are capable of producing some delicious cookies of our own, at this point we are NOT really selling cookies of any kind. Consider this page to be a parody of a cookie ordering page. I'm also not sure if you can still legally give money to someone for nothing, although I have observed such things in the streets. One should probably consult a lawyer (before doing anything).

In case anybody other than from the large organization (whose members...) has actually observed this page, as soon as the heat is off, I will tell the rest of the story about what happened with this page.

[deleted] [deleted] Cookies For Sale, January-March 2002
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

G is for [deleted] [deleted], that's good enough for me,
G is for [deleted] [deleted], that's good enough for me,
G is for [deleted] [deleted], that's good enough for me,
Oh, [deleted] [deleted], [deleted] [deleted], [deleted] [deleted], starts with G!

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me,
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me,
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me,
Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, starts with C!

[deleted] [deleted] cookies are only around once a year so stock up! They freeze well (and make a perfect gift!).

Don't want to eat the cookies, but are interested in helping the [deleted] [deleted]s? No problem. We'll accept and pass on non-purchase donations. At your option, we'll take your money, and give away the cookies to a deserving charity. We especially like money donations because they are easier to handle, and are kept locally at the receiving [deleted]. With the cookie sales, proceeds are split with the baker and the regional council.

Cookie orders will be taken until March 1, 2002. All orders will be confirmed by E-mail. We must receive payment within 7 days of confirming your order for us to accept it. The cookies are due to arrive in late February or early March, and will be sent or delivered to you as soon as possible.

Orders (and donations) will be accepted from planet Earth only.

Each box of cookies is $3.50. If you live outside our local area (i.e. farther than about 30 miles from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, OpenStreetMap link), then please include $5.50 shipping & handling for boxes 1-5. Add .25 for each additional box ordered over 5. Consult the shipping and handling chart below for more information. People ordering from within about 30 miles from Oak Ridge, Tennessee (OpenStreetMap link) do not need to add shipping charges.

Disclaimer Fine Print: We support the [deleted] [deleted]s as interested, independent individuals; however, we are not directly associated with the [deleted] [deleted]s in any way. We were in past years, but we're not any longer. We buy our cookies at local sales, and simply pass them on to you in a private transaction. As such, we are not "posting on individual [deleted] [deleted], troop/group or [deleted] [deleted] council Web sites" and we are therefore not conducting "Sales on a Web Site on the Internet."
Please enter the number of boxes of each kind of cookies. All cookie boxes are $3.50. Hit the Place Order button (at the bottom) when ready to order.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave the boxes empty and use the form to send us a message. Please give us a way to contact you if you want a response. ;-) If you're long distance, please give us an email address.

Some Lemon Flavored type
Crunchy and creamy and lemony all at the same time
Boxes: some lemon flavored type

Some a others type
Gooey with chocolate and other yummy stuff
Boxes: some a others

Not very fat with flavor from a plant of the labiate genus
Crunchy, chocolaty, minty, etc.
Boxes: not fat labiates

Two and Twos
Wet cereal and common sandwich spread
Boxes: two and twos

Hang outs
common sandwich spread and preparation of seeds of cacao
Boxes: hang outs

crunchy and bready
Boxes: trifles

Lots of preparation of seeds of cacao
cacao inside, outside, and all around
Boxes: lots of cacao

Fruit and Spice
sweet and tasty, yet good for you
Boxes: fruit and spice

Greetings Farewell
nutty, crunchy, smooth, fudgy
Boxes: greetings farewell

Full Name


Street Address


Other City


Please use this textbox to give us any special comments (e.g. - hints for finding your house, suggestions to improve this webpage, etc.)

Add the following shipping and handling to your order from the chart below if you are farther than about 30 miles from Oak Ridge, Tennessee).

# of Boxes 1-5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 case
2 cases
Shipping $ 5.50 $ 5.75 $ 6.00 $ 6.25 $ 6.50 $ 6.75 $ 7.00 $ 7.25 $ 10.25

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~ Herman Melville (1819–1891), U.S. author. “Rip Van Winkle’s Lilac.” “Weeds and Wildings” (posthumous), p. 290, Collected Poems of Herman Melville, ed. Howard P. Vincent (1947).

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Common sense isn't.

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