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Common sense isn't.

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About the MIT SEAL .......


MIT seal first adopted in 1864 The oldest official MIT symbol is the “Mens et Manus” seal that appears on MIT letterheads and other official documents. The seal contains many different items. The most prominent figures (the laborer at the anvil and the scholar with a book) represent MIT’s incorporation of science and industry into its curriculum. The year 1861 refers to the year that MIT was incorporated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Latin inscription “Mens et Manus” (translated to “mind and hand”) and the books that appear (entitled, “Science and Arts”) on the pedestal embody the idea of cooperation between knowledge and practical science.

The seal was adopted in 1864 and was engraved in 1865 for a cost of $285. The seal was modernized during President Howard Johnson’s (1966-1971) administration. Also, the seal has been hacked numerous times and several unofficial versions are popular with student organizations on campus.

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Quote of the moment
I am neither bitter nor cynical—but I do wish there was less immaturity in political thinking.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945), U.S. president. letter, Dec. 29, 1939, to Frank Knox, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 1936, who was soon to enter FDR’s Cabinet as Secretary of the Navy. The Roosevelt Letters, vol. 3, p. 298, ed. Elliott Roosevelt, George G. Harrup & Co., Ltd. (1952).

Knox had written FDR suggesting that if the European War proceeded with a victory for the Axis and the Russians then the United States was in deep trouble and that the people needed to become aware that there was no salvation for them by merely remaining neutral. FDR had suggested to Knox that he might join the Cabinet if the war continued to go badly for the Allies. The President was worried that the isolationist sentiments maintained by many congressmen and the press was politically immature and even dangerous. ~
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Common sense isn't.

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