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Common sense isn't.

Children's Holocaust Memorial - Paperclip Project

Whitwell Middle School, Whitwell, Tennessee

2006 October

(Most of the text below is taken from signs at the Memorial site)




Röbel/Berlin | Whitwell, Tennessee
Deutschland | USA

Children Holocaust Memorial

Children's Holocaust Memorial

Never Doubt

that a

group of thoughtful, committed students



Children Holocaust Memorial

As you enter this car,


Children Holocaust Memorial

In 1998, the students, staff, and community of Whitwell Middle School
embarked on a study of the Holocaust.
These paper clips, a Norwegian symbol of resistance to the Nazi occupation,
were collected from all over the world and placed in this car
as a reminder of the tragic loss of 11,000,000 souls that occurred
during the Holocaust.
As you reflect on the horror of this tragedy,
we ask you to affirm the enduring spirit of those who survived.
With the dedication and vigilance of each person who
visits this Memorial an atrocity like this will never again occur.

Children Holocaust Memorial


Diesel fumes and crackling wood
Cold steel tracks and nothing good
Mid the tears and burning eyes
Slam the door - hear their cries

Children Holocaust Memorial

Scorching iron of the wheels
They could not speak -
There were no deals
In the shadows they all stood -
Cold steel tracks and nothing good

Children Holocaust Memorial

On to Auschwitz, Treblinka, and hell
So very few were left to tell
Of that time we honor today
But we thank God -
There's more to say

For as we stand - united here
We honor them with every tear
For in this car is light and love
And God's own mercy from up above

Children Holocaust Memorial

We place this monument
On hallowed ground
For all to come and stand around
And touch the place where they once stood
Open the door - there's something good!

Judge Bob Moon
October 4, 2001

Children Holocaust Memorial

The luggage tags
in this suitcase
Messages of
To Anne Frank
From Students
In Germany

Children Holocaust Memorial
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Current (2022) Home page of the memorial.

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OpenStreetMap of approximate location

Children Holocaust Memorial Now, as then, the face
of an innocent child is
my guiding light of
hope for the
world..the reason to
survive, to achieve
and to work for the future.
Nathan Shapell
Children Holocaust Memorial Education and
remembrance are the
only cures for hatred
and bigotry.
Miriam Oster
Children Holocaust Memorial 153 18T
Children Holocaust Memorial Spread knowledge,
enlightenment, and
tolerance among your
Emil & Eva Hecht
Children Holocaust Memorial No one is an island
unto themselves.
Everything in life
affects us all.
Freddy Diament
Children Holocaust Memorial Believe in the power
of the individual to
make a difference in
this world.
Vera Federman
Children Holocaust Memorial Take sides.
Neutrality helps the
oppressor, never the
victim. Silence
encourages the
tormentor, never the
Elie Wiesel
Children Holocaust Memorial
11 million paperclips in the rail car, to represent or symbolize the victims of the holocaust, and another 11 million paperclips inside the metal Memorial to the Children of Terezin, is quite impressive. Still, I couldn't help wondering how much space would be required to hold 6 or 11 million bodies, since paperclips are so much smaller.

Children Holocaust Memorial McFARLIN FIELD
19 49
Children Holocaust Memorial
Looking at the fields behind the school, I estimate an area of about 3500 feet square would hold 6 million tightly packed 2x1 feet (standing) bodies, and an area of about 4700 feet square would hold 11 million. To me, the idea of a massive crowd of such size provides another somewhat less abstract image to visualize the magnitude of such numbers of people. I think the entire school property may be about the right size. Amazing.


Thanks to H for taking some of the photos above.
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Common sense isn't.

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