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Common sense isn't.

San Francisco

A Visit February 2000

Walk Near Golden Gate Bridge

Biking signs

Bike Route

East Sidewalk
Open 8am to 9pm
Bicyclists Not Allowed On
Weekends And Holidays

Roller Skates And
Motor Driven Cycles
On Bridge Sidewalks


Art along the exercise path (click to zoom in)

Dog Signs (click to zoom in)

Dog Refuse
Please Pick-Up
After Your Dog

Keep Your Park Clean
Recycle Plastic Bags
For Dog Litter Removal

The Bridge

Get Free. Get LibreOffice.
Distributed Computing

Quote of the moment
What I am anxious to do is to get the best bill possible with the least amount of friction.... I wish to avoid [splitting our party]. I shall do all in my power to retain the corporation tax as it is now and also force a reduction of the [tariff] schedules. It is only when all other efforts fail that I’ll resort to headlines and force the people into this fight.
~ William Howard Taft (1857–1930), U.S. president. Butt to his sister-in-law, Clara F. Butt, June 16, 1909, after Taft had sent a message to Congress “Concerning Tax on Net Income of Corporations.” Archie Butt, Taft and Roosevelt: The Intimate Letters of Archie Butt, Military Aide, 1: 143-144, Doubleday, Doran & Company (1930).

Taft was speaking to two high tariff and low corporation tax men, Sen. Nelson A. Aldrich and Rep. Sereno Payne. ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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Common sense isn't.

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