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The chief problem is, of course, whether the marching of the general spirit of things is heading consciously or sub- consciously toward an idea of extension of boundaries.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945), U.S. president. letter, January 8, 1934, to Ambassador John Cudahy in Warsaw, PPF 1193, John Cudahy Folder. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Edward M. Bennett, Recognition of Russia: An American Foreign Policy Dilemma, p. 86, Ginn/Blaisdell (1970).

This was in response to a letter from Ambassador Cudahy of December 27, 1933, in which Cudahy said that there was no cause for alarm about the paramilitary organizations forming in Germany as this was a peculiar manifestation of the German social spirit wherein Germans like to put on uniforms and march around to martial music to let off steam. He compared the SS and SA to Elks, Eagles and Woodmen in the United States. FDR implied that he believed that when Germans put on uniforms and marched around to martial music, they often marched across someone’s borders. ~
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