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Common sense isn't.

Anderson County
101 South Main St
Suite 400
Clinton, TN 37716

Info:(865) 457-2414
Fax:(865) 457-5395
Emergencies: 911
Email: The Sheriff

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Currently in Clinton, TN

 Anderson County Detention Facility

NOTICE! - Jail Cam Offline
Released: 11/27/2006 @ 12:00 PM EST

Anderson County Sheriff Paul White announced today (Monday, November 27) that the Jail Web Cam on the department’s website will be discontinued. Although watching the Jail Cam has shown to be a favorite activity for many across the world, Sheriff White listed security reasons for the decision.

Female Jail Officers have received telephone calls from viewers harassing them and interrupting their duties. It was discovered also that some viewers had been tracking inmate’s movements by watching the cam, which causes severe security concerns for officers transporting inmates. Contraband control was also an issue. It was discovered the jail cam provided viewers with information they used to attempt to smuggle drugs to inmates being transported outside the facility.

There were 1.2 million hits on the website over the holiday weekend and 300 were currently logged on as of 11:00am Monday. The department has been pleased with the popularity of the cam over the past few years, but Sheriff White noted that safety and security must take a priority.

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Common sense isn't.

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