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Common sense isn't.

Mens et Manus
Web Diary

This was going to be some verbose prose about how dreadfully boring some extended, detailed, web diaries can be, but instead, I only have this:

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Blog, blogger, blogger, blog, my blog, blog blog blog.

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The End

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Quote of the moment
My impression about the Panama Canal is that the great revolution it is going to introduce in the trade of the world is in the trade between the east and the west coast of the United States.
~ William Howard Taft (1857–1930), U.S. president. Address at hotel Fairmont at banquet tendered by citizens of San Francisco, October 5, 1909. Presidential Addresses and State Papers of William Howard Taft, March 4, 1909, to March 4, 1910, 1: 330, Doubleday, Page & Company (1910).

As secretary of war under Theodore Roosevelt, Taft supervised the building of the canal. ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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Common sense isn't.

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