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Common sense isn't.

The Interaction Garden
Purdue University

May 1, 2004

May it "provide you an opportunity to reflect on the value of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and respect for the people in your life."

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Thanks to John Collier, Purdue landscape architect, for these pictures (except two darker and wet ones) and his work on the garden, to David Butler and family for the gift of the Interaction Garden, and to Martha Butler for inspiring it.

To South, Stanley Coulter Hall on right View to south with Stanley Coulter Hall on the right.

I stumbled across the Interaction Garden on a rainy May First Saturday afternoon, during a walk around part of the Purdue University campus ( map1, map2 both now at archive, 2004). The garden and selection of quotes on plaques set into concrete walkways struck a chord with me, and I took a couple pictures despite the rainy weather. It was serendipity (now at archive, 2004).

Over the next few months I remembered the place and wished I had taken more pictures. One thing (Warning: Google link) led to another (now at archive, 2004), and John Collier graciously provided pictures of the plaques and garden.

I did not know Martha or the other people who created this garden, but I've had similar friends, and I dedicate this web page to all their memories, with similar hopes - May it "provide you an opportunity to reflect on the value of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and respect for the people in your life."

Martha Christine Butler Dedication Plaque Martha Christine Butler
(1952-1998) B.A. Humanities 1973

Marti's genuine love for people brought joy to
everyone she touched. We were inspired by her
strength and courage, and her indomitable spirit
lifted us all. Her consistent willingness to put her
friends' needs ahead of her own, to offer help to
others whenever necessary, and to let them know
that she cared about them made her very special.
She gave freely of herself and asked little in return.

We hope that this special place,
The Interaction Garden,
dedicated to Marti's memory will provide you an
opportunity to reflect on the value of compassion,
tolerance, forgiveness, and respect for the people in
your life. These were qualities that she exemplified
as she showed us how to take care of each other.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote Plaque Too many of us stay
walled because we
are afraid of being hurt.
We are afraid to
care too much,
for fear that the
other person does
not care at all.

Eleanor Roosevelt

To Southeast Across Centennial Mall View to southeast across Centennial Mall towards Wetherill (Richard Benbridge) Laboratory of Chemistry.

Unknown Plaque To have been loved
so deeply,
even though the person
who loved us is gone,
will give us some
protection forever.


George Carlin Plaque Those who dance
are judged insane
by those who can't
hear the music.

George Carlin

To west and Stanley Coulter Hall Looking west towards Stanley Coulter Hall.

Muriel Strode Plaque I will not follow where
the path may lead,
but I will go where
there is no path,
and I will leave a trail.

Muriel Strode

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Common sense isn't.

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