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Common sense isn't.

Nashville Quilt Show Commentary and Review

Opryland Hotel
Everything is Outside-In

A Visit on September 1-3, 2000

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If you like quilt shows, then you might like the ARDCOTM Templates site (now at archive, 2003) even better.
The ice cream snack store

Outside the hotel, but still inside

Taking a drive inside

The outdoor/indoor food court

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Quote of the moment
On one occasion I entered a hospital in Calcutta where they used huge machines; but they failed in their diagnosis. Our Tibetan doctors, without any instruments, touch the wrists, listen to the various pulses, examine the person, and know quite precisely what is wrong. The whole system is really remarkable.
~ The Path to Tranquility, June 6, 14th Dalai Lama ~
Thanks to Highland Media

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Common sense isn't.

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