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Common sense isn't.

San Francisco

A Visit February 2000

Pictures with 1984 Ricoh Pocket Camera

Mostly just a few pictures without commentary. Time flies...
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Quote of the moment
Sexual desire, by definition, wants something: the satisfaction of desire by the possession of the other. To a large extent this is a mental projection, provoked by a certain emotion: we imagine the other in our possession.

At the moment of desire everything seems agreeable and desirable. One sees no obstacle to it, no reason for restraint. The object desired seems to have no defects, to be worthy of all praise. But then everything changes with possession.

Once the desire disappears - whether it considers itself satisfied, or time passes and weakens it - we no longer look at the other in the same way. Some people admit they are stunned by this. Each one discovers the true nature of the other. That is why there are so many broken marriages, quarrels, lawsuits, and so much hatred.

~ The Path to Tranquility, March 19, 14th Dalai Lama ~
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Common sense isn't.

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