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Armes Gap to Prison Coal Mines - 2

Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee

2007 April

alt OpenStreetMap of approximate destination and areaa of route (from Rt. 116 to line of coal mines above Brushy Mountain State Prison, to south below Frozen Head Lookout).

Between Trail 10 and Trail 20, Old Prison Mine Trails, on Frozen Head State Park Trails Map.

Elevations: Armes Gap 2139 feet; Coal Mines ~2700 feet; Net climb ~560 feet. Distance: Approx. 1 mile (one-way).

alt See also: Armes Gap to Fire Tower ; Armes Gap to Prison Coal Mines

View to southeast across Route 116. Shadows highlight extensive old cuts in hill.
alt 2nd fork off main road. Go left to mines (right to Frozen Head lookout). This route can be a leisurely walk along a road, or a rough, cross-country hike.

Warning: To get some of my photos I went cross-country, off the trail a bit. The route is relatively clear, but unmarked and uncleared. It was relatively clear in early spring, but will be overgrown in summer. There are numerous hazards, loose rocks, sharp pieces of metal, etc. Beware.
alt Shows steepness of hill above road toward ridge.
alt Open area with relatively few trees.
alt Crumbling structure along road.
alt Opening into mine.


alt View into mine, from opening.


alt Close-up of crumbling structure.
alt Road/trail becomes rougher.
alt The only location in the area I've seen with long-term failure of vegetation to return.
alt Apparently the trail went more to right (north) and uphill, where I went straight and level.
alt Back onto the trail/road to west.
alt Where I decided to switch-back to east-southeast on higher road, rather than continue west.
alt Another concrete block structure.
alt Concrete structure to west of major opening.
alt Closer view. Note rusty metal bar jutting out (to left).
alt Looking east towards ravine with what seemed to be a major mine opening.
alt View over Brushy Mountain Prison, Petros and beyond.
alt Rusty, old cable.
alt It almost seemed that the trail is supposed to be blocked (or habitat for birds). Needless to say, I turned back and found a different way.
alt Another view towards Brushy Mountain Prison, along power line cut.
alt Looking from east towards west along road above opening in ravine.
alt Concrete structure in ravine.
alt Another concrete structure in ravine.

CAUTION: Water, steep slope, and loose surface material made walking difficult.
alt Eroded rocks above road near top of ridge.
alt Trees growing out from rocks.
alt U or horse-shoe shaped opening between exposed and eroded rocks above road.

Disclaimer: This is free information. Use at your own risk. This is only my opinion based on my experience. There is No guarantee of accuracy. I am Not responsible for anything that may happen to you because of using or not using this information.

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Common sense isn't.

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