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Armes Gap to Big Fodderstack Mountain

Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee

2007 April

Armes Gap turnoff to dirt road OpenStreetMap of area of route from Route 116 to Big Fodderstack Mountain, the Morgan County High Point.

Trail 19, Fodderstack Mountain Trail, on Frozen Head State Park Trails Map.

Elevations: Armes Gap 2139 feet; Big Fodderstack MountaiN ~3340 feet; Net climb ~1200 feet. Distance: Approx. 2 miles or less (one-way), depending on start location.

See also: Armes Gap to Fire Tower ; Armes Gap to Prison Coal Mines ; Armes Gap to Prison Coal Mines-2

Fork in the road The dirt road on this (south) side of Armes Gap was open and well maintained, probably for access to the new-looking gas well, which was at the end of the road, after a short side-trip to the left fork in the road.
Gas well 6035


WELL NO: CC 1010

Tenn. Division of Gas & Oil (now at archive, 2006)

Frozen Head Boundary Taking the right fork, the road eventually passes the boundary of Frozen Head State Park, and enters private property.
Frozen Head Boundary The boundary is marked by orange stakes on each side of the road, and orange paint on rocks.
Steep, rough road In a couple places the road is steep and rough.
Muddy road The road flattens out along an old strip mine. This was a short distance beyond where we eventually parked.
Big wood pile This large pile of wood was just past where we parked.
Start of trail The road/trail could be traveled by ATVs and (aggressive) four-wheelers, but we walked from here.
More rough road There are several quite steep and rough sections.
Pond crossing Ponds often form in old strip mining locations. This one was close to where we parked.
Fallen tree The route had minor obstacles in some places. More clear routes may exist elsewhere.
Flower Flowers grow almost anywhere.
Wagon Rock Reaching Wagon Rock gives false hope of being near the top of Big Fodderstack.
Steep and slippery Up and up, steeper and steeper, false top after false top...
More steep and slippery There has to be a better route, but we didn't find it.
Top is near Finally, the real top is near.
Top is here The trail becomes flatter.
View over Petros Although the top is mostly covered with and surrounded by brush and trees, there are a few places to see views. This is looking west towards Brushy Mountain Prison and Petros.
Campfire At the top there is a small open area with a small fireplace and some wood.
Radio tower This radio tower appeared to be a recent replacement.
View of windmills With some effort a relatively clear view of the windmills can be found to the east.
Rectangular pattern under rock On the way down we saw this rock with lines in a rectangular pattern on the bottom.
Back to parking spot Finally, back down to the parking spot.

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Common sense isn't.

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