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Altamont (Patterson) Pass Wind Farms

A Visit August 2001

Pictures with Canon PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH

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The dangerous wind power plant is surrounded by fencing, warning signs, and locked gates. Deadly high voltage electric lines run under foot and over head. Windmills can be seen lining the hills in the distance.

Danger Windpower Sign

17350 PATTERSON PASS RD (OpenStreetMap approximate location)
(925) 245-5555

Enxco Sign Nearly everywhere we looked, the hills are alive, with the sounds of windmills. Actually, roughly half of the windmills we saw were not spinning! Enxco (on the sign) is the same company that initially operated TVA's facility.

Brush fires are a problem in the area. Fire breaks, to keep fires from spreading towards (or from?) the turbines are scraped into the earth.

Patterson Pass Windfarm
14680 Patterson Pass Road
Admittance By Written Authorization Only
For Information: Call (925) 455-3821

Large turbines with cylindrical towers and fire breaks Larger turbines with cylindrical towers. More extensive fire break cuts are seen.

Windmills covering the golden hilltops Numerous windmills cover the golden hills

Windmills in decrepit disrepair Many were not operating, and many were in such decrepit states of disrepair that they obviously were no longer capable of operating.

Hills cut for terraced foundations look like oil derricks Clearly, the natural shape of the hills has been sacrificed for terraced foundations for the decrepit windmills. No one who sees this can claim they are better for the land, or much different in appearance, than oil derricks, which would be fewer and farther apart, and produce more energy.

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