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Directions to TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant

See for Yourself

Junk Car in Mud Near TVA Wind Power Plant

There are at least three routes to the windmill wind power plant site. The conditions have varied a lot with weather and time. After road improvements for bringing in more windmills, the roads are improved, but after neglect for a while, the roads can be treacherous. After rain or snow, the roads can be muddy and slippery. You've been warned. Be very careful. I'd generally suggest taking a truck, but you might be able to get away with an average road car, depending on conditions and tolerance for abuse such as dragging bottom and slipping and sliding (or getting stuck). I'd suggest a 4-wheel truck to be safe, but check for yourself.

Thanks to the Windrock ATV Club (archive, 2004), however, I now know a third route, which only goes part way to the windmills before it joins the "shorter" route. The third route passes close by several active gas wells.

One great improvement by the Windrock ATV Club (and/or Coal Creek Mining Company) is the signs marking roads and trails. Although not every intersection was marked, most were. Using Tommy Rhea's map (archive, 2004) and the road signs made it much easier to find the way.

TVA Barrier Across Road

Disclaimer: This is free information. Use at your own risk. This is only my opinion based on my experience, and information provided by SACE. There is No guarantee of accuracy. I am Not responsible for anything that may happen to you because of using or not using this information.

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