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Common sense isn't.

Driving Route 66 through Texas

Been there, done that, or at least most of that, anyway. Why? Maybe it's the appeal of the seemingly free, open, side road, or maybe just nostalgia. In any case, here are some photos from a 2003 trip through Oklahoma to Texas. There are many photos like them, but these photos are mine.

Almost everywhere I go, there are windmills. The one below was at an I-40 rest stop in east Texas. I didn't realize it at the time, but in addition to following Route 66, I was also traveling part of the American Wind Power Trail (archive 2004).
Windmill at East Texas I-40 Welcome Center
Article at IREC (archive 2005).

OpenStreetMap of approximate location, between Alanreed and Jericho (near bottom). According to an old map, from 1975, at that time there were dozens of windmills in the area.

Featured in this blog as " Holy Lone Star Sepulchre of the Windmill" (scroll down, archive 2006).

This may be a description of the same windmill site (archive 2004).

OpenStreetMap of nearby Alanreed, TX

Neither Here Nor There Nearby, I tried to follow the  "Jericho Gap" dirt road. Soon, I found myself neither here nor there, and decided to turn around and go back before I got stuck or lost. Following the original dirt track suddenly seemed less important than it did a few minutes earlier. Neither Here Nor There

This wind power plant was at White Deer, Texas, which is away from Route 66 by a few miles:
Wind Turbine Windmills, Wind Power Plant, White Deer, TexasWind Turbine Windmills, Wind Power Plant, White Deer, Texas

To the west of Amarillo, we visited the Cadillac Ranch:
Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TexasCadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas
Thanks to MJP for the above 2 photos.

As tradition encourages, we left our marks, in a few colors:
Cadillac Range, Amarillo, Texas
Go Boiler Makers!

A college spirit competition ensued:
Go Boiler Makers! Go Vols!Go Boiler Makers! Go Vols!
Thanks to MJP for the 2 photos used in the above animated image, which was made using Imagemagick convert and ppmfade.

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Common sense isn't.

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