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18 Vestas Windmills (Wind Turbines) at Buffalo Mountain

2006 April

Water over bridgeCreek, collapse in roadThe following photos are from a visit to the wind power plant several days after Earth Day 2006 and just after the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster.

We first tried going the longer, back way from the north, but eventually turned back.

After several days of rain, the water was over the bridge as deep as I've seen.

The gravel road was settling, and water was running down the road. After a brief attempt with some slipping and skidding, we decided to go back and try the shorter, steeper route.

TVA PropertyMotorized
TVA Police
U.S. Property
Gates will remain closed during
weather related icing conditions
Theft or willful injury to property
is a violation of Federal Law
TVA Police 1-800-824-3861 

Thanks to Dr. E for the 3 photos above and the final photo below.

New windmills, fork in roads Two new 1.8 MW wind turbines are now seen before reaching the 3 original 660 kW turbines.

Information in website logs and blogs led to this trip to the wind power plant site. Website access logs and statistics can have much information, or mis-information. With widely available browsing tools such as Tor to change IP addresses, RefControl to change Referers, and User Agent Switcher to change browser user-agent (browser, computer and operating system description), people who write blogs can disguise who they are or provide inaccurate contact information. In this case, however, the information in logs and blogs led to an interesting and enjoyable visit to the plant site.

In this website's logs I saw some requests from a link in a Japanese blog. Through the wonder of online translators, the blog told about 2 unsuccessful attempts to visit the power plant site. Since I enjoy visiting the plant site, and hadn't been there since the expansion construction phase, I sent an offer to take the blog writer and family on a tour. One thing led to another, and eventually we went on this trip, and saw the expanded plant site with 18 Vestas wind turbines.

New windmills company sign

DECEMBER 9, 2004
TVA Police

New, 3 old, more new windmills New windmill Number 15



Newer turbine appears to tower over original three turbines.

Old and new windmills Two of three original 660 kW turbines in foreground, with several newer 1800 kW turbines in background.

New building and barbed wire fenceFence along edge of site, and a maintenance building at the end.

New electric substationNew electric substation near the old "wind park" sign.

TVA Property
Huge boulder slid down to road.

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In Oak Ridge before transport to power plant site, nacelle assembly site off Bethel Valley Road, and blade and tower storage site along railroad tracks.

SACE has a collection of photos showing transport and construction of the new wind turbines, from July and August 2004.

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  “Uncle Joe” Cannon, who was Speaker of the House 1903–1911, served in the House for 46 years.

  President Lyndon B. Johnson quoted Cannon at the signing ceremony making Assateague Island a national seashore area, September 21, 1965: “Conservation has been in eclipse in this country ever since Theodore Roosevelt’s day. It had barely gotten off the ground when Uncle Joe Cannon, the Speaker of the House in those days, issued his ultimatum: ‘Not 1 cent for scenery.’ Well, today we are repealing Cannon’s law. We are declaring a new doctrine of conservation.”—Congressional Record, September 21, 1965, vol. 111, p. 24540. ~

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