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TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant

Basis for Wind Turbine (or Windmill) Power Calculator

for 3 V47-660 kW and 15 V80-1.8 MW Vestas Wind Turbines

April 15, 2006

power curve The power curves were taken from Vestas' wind turbine product descriptions. The curve at left is for the V47-660 kW model, and the curve below is for the V80-1.8 MW model. The power curves were approximated by polynomial curve fits. No adjustment is made for location or height above ground level of wind speed measurement (which would potentially increase calculated power). An adjustment is made for air density change due to altitude, temperature and humidity. (Reference) All 3 V47 turbines and all 15 V80 turbines are assumed to be operating at the same power for total plant power calculations. TVA's original goal of 6 million kWh per year for the first 3 turbines is from published newspaper articles and on their sign at the site. This initial goal was extrapolated based on total rated power to get the 87.8 million kWh estimate for all 18 turbines:
6*(1 + 27 MW /1.98 MW) = 87.82

Vestas V80-1.8 MW power curve The form page uses standard HTML with "server-side include" used to return the last modified date/time and page header and footers. The calculations and results are generated with a perl script.

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