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Common sense isn't.

TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant

Area History - Sam Venable Mentions Building Time at Brushy

There is no joy in Volville (originally at knoxnews.com)

By SAM VENABLE, venob@knews.com
October 17, 2003

pictureKnoxville, my hometown:

"History Hikes of the Smokies" by Michal Strutin is just what the name implies - a rundown of 20 trails (10 in Tennessee, 10 in North Carolina) with particular historical significance. This is a soup-to-nuts look at each locale including length, gradient profile, historical photos and points of interest.

A must-have for Smokies addicts, it retails for $12.95 and is available from the Great Smoky Mountains Association 865-436-0120 or www.SmokiesStore.org.

"Building Time at Brushy" is the autobiography of Stonney Ray Lane, former warden of Brushy Mountain State Prison. Among the many tales he tells is the 54-hour-long escape of one of Brushy's most newsworthy inmates, James Earl Ray, assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The book costs $20 and is available from Mr. K's Used Books and CDs in Oak Ridge or www.1stbooks.com.

Sam Venable's column appears on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He may be reached at 865-342-6272 or venob@knews.com. His latest book, "You Gotta Laugh to Keep from Cryin': A Baby Boomer Contemplates Life Beyond Fifty," is available at most bookstores and online from the News Sentinel.

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Common sense isn't.

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