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Nigel Cornwall (Principal Consultant)

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Nigel has extensive experience of electricity sector restructuring in the UKand internationally in both the public and private sectors. As a civil servant, he was actively involved in the initial electricity vesting process and oversaw the establishment of NGC. He spent much of the 1990s working overseas, principally in Australia and New Zealand, involved in energy sector reform as a freelance consultant in a range of emerging and developed markets. Nigel specialises in issues connected with market design, including the role of transmission, system operations and market operations in deregulated markets, the interfaces between them and the associated legal, regulatory, commercial and governance framework. He has extensive regulatory experience for both regulators and regulated companies.

Nigel's work since his return to the UK in 1998 has focused on the England and Wales pool review and NETA implementation and development. He worked with St Clements Services as Managing Consultant from June 1998 to July 2000 (but whilst retaining his consultancy activities). During that time he represented suppliers on the NETA Security of Supply Expert Group and the Legal Expert Group. Since then, he has worked with a range of market participants in the UK, including Yorkshire Electricity, London Electricity and Conoco. He was elected to the CUSC Amendments Panel in 2001 and was elected to the Balancing and Code Panel in 2002 in both cases as an independent industry member.

Nigel also maintains his links with overseas clients, and has carried out work over recent months for amongst others Transpower NZ (the NZ transmission company), NEMMCO (the Australian market and systems operator), the Marketplace Company (NZ pool company), the Adam Smith Institute and the Boston Consulting Group.

Nigel produced his first published research report 'The Economic Regulation of Electricity Transmission Companies' in October 2000. His second, 'Transmission Access Under NETA' was released in May 2001.

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