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Common sense isn't.

TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant - Wind Turbine (or Windmill) Power Calculator

for 3 Vestas V47-660 kW Wind Turbines

November 26, 2000

Updated April 2006

How Windy Is It Lately? (scroll down for graphs) Note: 1 m/s is about 2.24 Miles/Hour

Wind speed (m/s): [ Effective Range: >4 to <25 ]
Temperature (Celsius):
Relative humidity (%): [ Range: 0 to 100 ]

Note: The turbines produce power for winds above 4 m/s and below 25 m/s. For 4 or lower, or 25 or higher, the calculator will calculate zero because the turbines will produce zero. Also, maximum rated power is produced for winds between about 14 m/s and 25 m/s. See the Basis link for the power curve.

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Common sense isn't.

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