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Directions to TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Power Plant

See for Yourself - Northern Approach - Longer

Also Available - Directions for a shorter route.

TVA Barrier Across Road CAUTION from 4/27/2006: A couple inches of water was running over the low creek bridge. Worse, about 5 or 6 miles along the gravel road this way, there was a steep, wet and rocky section with deep ruts from rain runoff. With better tires and more agressive driving, one might make it, but after a brief slippery attempt, I wouldn't risk my SUV over the deeper ruts. The good news was the other, shorter route was still in good condition.

Note from 06/22/2005: I recently received an email about somebody getting stuck due to wet, muddy and slippery road conditions on this Longer, northern approach. Take care, and beware.

One great improvement by the Windrock ATV Club (archive, 2004) (and/or Coal Creek Mining Company) is the signs marking roads and trails. Although not every intersection was marked, most were. Using Tommy Rhea's map (archive, 2004) and the road signs made it much easier to find the way.

After attending the introduction to a tour by Stephen Smith, Executive Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), generously given for no charge on Saturday 12/16/00, I now have directions for approaching from the north side of the mountain site. I didn't actually go with the group, because of rainy conditions, and the group eventually turned back without reaching the windmills.

The route approaching from the north is on gravel road for the last 9 miles, and can be blocked by water after heavy rains. The directions begin from "The Turnpike" (Highway 95) in downtown Oak Ridge.

Directions courtesy of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) (archive, 2004)

Disclaimer: This is free information. Use at your own risk. This is only information passed on from SACE. There is No guarantee of accuracy. I am Not responsible for anything that may happen to you because of using or not using this information.

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