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Common sense isn't.

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The disappearing coal mine shaft in Windrock Mountain


mine-after After visiting the windmills late in the afternoon of 6/24/01, we returned to the abandoned mine. The opening is now completely covered, and the surrounding area had been seeded with grass.

The road dead-ends here.

There were previously two open mine shafts. The first was to the right of the rock wall in this picture, and the second was farther to the left. The ventilation ducting, which was to the right, has been removed. A steady stream of water was still draining out from the mine, along a rock-lined channel, into a settling pool, and down the hill.

mine-after Here is the approximate location of the second mine shaft, to the left of the previous photo.

mine-after This shows another view of the right end of the rock wall, probably slightly to the right of the first mine shaft.

mine-after Wild-life has returned to the area. Here is a butterfly that flittered about while I walked around taking these pictures.

mine-after Here is the small settling or holding pond where water draining from the mine goes. I observed two frogs jump into the pond as I walked around it.

mine-after This is the view back towards the access road, along the rock wall (with the mine shafts) at right.

The abandoned mining equipment, which was previously along the side of the road, has been removed.

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Common sense isn't.

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